As a third generation physician farmer, I continue to be fascinated by the mysterious processes of nature. The intricate folds in a budding leaf, the translucence of a flower petal in the afternoon sunlight, the complex transitions of color in a forest, sky, or pond… this is the magical, life affirming realm that draws me.
As a physician, my work is challenging, complicated, and sometimes even daunting.  As a painter, I can move from doer to observer, and therefore experience the world from a more appreciative and patient perspective. In nature, each of the phases of life is beautiful.   And, beauty is an antidote for just about everything that undermines our sense of grace.  Beauty is much needed is our everyday lives.
I choose to work in watercolor because it has its own spontaneous, evolutionary process.  One can observe and plan, but the paper, paint and water inevitably add their own mark.  I find this spontaneity balances the detailed work I do as I attempt to capture color, light and life in my images.

- Sarah